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Photoresist Strippers & Residue Removers

As the industry drives to smaller geometries, device manufacturers are faced with the integration challenges associated with new materials such as copper interconnects and low-k dielectrics. To reduce time to market, device manufacturers are turning to their suppliers for technical solutions to these new cleaning challenges. The Mallinckrodt Baker Applications Engineering and Research staff has a thorough understanding of today's technical challenges and is committed to developing the advanced chemistries required to meet the needs of the semiconductor, flat panel display, packaging (flip chip, bumps), disk drive, and MEMS industries-today and tomorrow.


Wet Process Chemicals

The finer the circuit geometry, the purer your chemicals need to be. To meet those needs, Mallinckrodt Baker has expanded its line of J.T.Baker fab process chemicals to include products with 1.0 and 0.1 ppb trace-metal impurity levels. In addition to J.T.Baker fab process solvents and acids, we offer a line of mixed acid, aluminum, and buffered oxide etchants. All of these products are available in a variety of container configurations including reusable containers.

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