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You always have what you need

Itís unusual to find an inventory specialist in a laboratory, but it is essential to maintain proper inventories. Can you afford to run out of a critical supply item in the middle of your analysis? What happens when your chemicals are unusable, because you have the wrong lot on hand or they were improperly rotated?

BNL Sciences, along with it's sister company in the US, MG Scientific, has developed a professional inventory system exclusively for laboratories called invenTRAK. With invenTRAK, your storeroom is always stocked within the inventory ranges you specify. Everything is easy to locate and properly labeled. Custom labels to meet your individual requirements are also available. Stock is rotated routinely. We also track your hazardous materials on hand to ensure that you are meeting OSHA Tier II Right to Know requirements and any internal company control levels.

BNL automatically orders your supplies

BNL takes a physical inventory of your laboratory supplies and tracks your usage week by week. Multiple sites within larger facilities may be set up to accommodate different departments or disciplines. We look at your usage over the past year, if records are available, and work with your department heads to determine the amount of each item you need on hand. We then replace what you use at regular intervals, so you always have everything you need.

BNL's prices are very competitive

Your new pricing is often equal or better than what you are currently receiving. Also, the pricing looks even better when you consider that the invenTRAK services are provided without any extra charge. With our exposure to all the lab products available, we can often suggest less expensive or more appropriate products or brands, and we can provide everything in convenient packaging to reduce waste. An ongoing process of analyzing your orders usually produces substantial savings over time.

BNL organizes the whole program

BNL delivers your orders at the same time every week. All products are labeled and bar coded to make it easy to find and track all your supplies. We supply you with the scanning devices and software to use invenTRAK. Lot tracking and rotation of inventory are part of the stocking process. When something is taken from inventory, itís recorded with a barcode scanner. The inventory is usually replaced once each week. Our proprietary software tracks usage of all products, by person. At the end of each quarter, we can provide you with an analysis of dollars spent and products used by department, lab or any other criteria you are interested in tracking.

invenTRAK just makes sense for todayís busy laboratoryÖ..

Saves time
Lab personnel no longer need to spend time ordering, receiving, stocking, tracking and counting inventory.

Saves money
Eliminate ghost inventories in individual labs. Vendors are consolidated which can save valuable time and money by eliminating multiple purchase orders. Keep on hand only what you need. Donít waste money on products that just sit on shelves and may even have expired usage dates.

Promotes safety
Reduce the amount of hazardous materials on hand and make sure these materials are stored properly.

Reduces waste
Eliminate packaging waste. We stock individual items on the shelves and recycle waste for you.

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